Jul 24 2014

Soon-to-be parents and new parents face a great challenge as they enter a new facet in their human lives.  One important challenge is by making and preparing their home a safe place for their bundle of joy.  Just how much exciting the feelings seem to be, it is an important responsibility to provide a safe environment for your child because your child’s well-being depends on it. Making sure that your home is free from dangers and health hazards maybe a daunting task but is also very necessary and should be done even before the baby arrives to your home. There are those steps that can eventually wait until just before your child starts crawling and moving on his or her own. This process is called baby-proofing. It is intended to prevent suffocation, choking, poisoning, strangulation, drowning, burns and falls.

Babyproofing is just as important as your baby is. Every baby is unique. They are different from each other and will require varying approaches to keeping him or her safe. There are those avid climbers and there are also those who are especially oral who mouths almost everything while some are less inclined to do so. Watch as your baby grow and take note on which aspect you need to be vigilant with. It always pay to become an attentive parents since according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 2.5 million children are injured or killed each year due to household accidents.  Never leave babies and or young children unattended. This is simply not worth the risk even if you think that your home is already baby-proof. Keep dangerous items totally out of reach.  It is another thing to consider keeping the baby’s crib away from window or any electrical cords and avoid hanging strings nearby. Take away unnecessary materials such as plush pillows or toys from your sleeping baby.

Check your home from a baby’s eye view especially before he or she starts crawling. Look for safety concerns on the floor that might put your little one to danger. Cover unused electrical plugs with plastic and tape down those accessible wirings.  See to it to address anything that might attract a baby’s curious attention as this could pose a choking hazard.

Install baby gates in your staircase areas. Remove all those fall hazards especially when your baby begins to pull up, stand and walk. Using non-slip pads under the rugs is also helpful. Put padding on sharp corners of the furniture. Never allow babies to get into water without a supervising adult. Do not forget to remove all choking hazards. Remember the general rule of thumb- as long as it can fit to a toilet paper tube, it is too small and therefore dangerous. Make it a habit to remove small objects each day, these are hazardous.

With great love comes a great responsibility and that works best for parents to their babies. To complete your babyproofing, thoroughly survey your place from time to time and make a checklist on the possible things to work on. Add a reminder to poison- proof the area especially where your baby stays and roam around most of the time.

Providing good and nutritious food, a tender loving- care is not enough. The world of your little one starts at home so make sure to make this his or her real comfort zone together with you.

As your mobile baby is enjoying his or her safe and babyproof home, you are now a confident parent who happily take pictures for that baby photo contest.

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